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Access and navigation of the visually impaired users in the retail industry (shopping malls)

Added on 8th August, 2017. By James Davidson.

What is the purpose of this investigation?

The purpose of this investigation is to study the patterns of the visually impaired visiting the retail and shopping industry and the barriers and difficulties that they face.

As the project being investigation of the visually impaired navigation in the retail industry (shopping malls),  the questionnaire should be completed only by people with a visual impairment.

What will you do in the project?

The data collection will be completing the questionnaire that focuses on accessible design (it can be in the format of contacting over the phone to fill in the questionnaire if not comfortable to do it online) some navigational experiments if volunteered.

What happens to the information in the project?

All the data collected and the information of the participants will be confidential and will be stated as anonymous, unless you wish not to.

To take part in the questionnaire, please click the following link:

For more information, please contact:

Zeynab Asgari

PhD researcher

Department of Architecture

University of Strathclyde

cell: 07503742070

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