About Inclusive Design Hub

The Inclusive Design Hub is hosted by Disability Equality Scotland and is an information resource that aims to improve awareness and encourage the take-up of inclusive design in Scotland. An inclusive approach to design ensures that buildings are accessible to as many people as possible. Inclusive design is not just relevant to buildings; it also applies throughout any internal or external environment, wherever people go about everyday activities.

Inclusive Design Hub will become Scotland’s recognised go-to place for inclusive design information and resources. Content includes; articles on the importance of inclusive design, case studies featuring innovative examples of inclusive environments, and links to access guides of good practice for shared learning and guidance. By providing information and insight, Inclusive Design Hub will help built environment professionals to be better placed to deliver inclusive environments. The website will also contain accessible information that will develop the general public’s understanding of inclusive design.

About Disability Equality Scotland

Disability Equality Scotland is a membership organisation which seeks to promote independent living, removing barriers to inequality for those affected by disability in Scotland.

We work with many organisations to influence Scottish Government policies which affect how we live.  We also work with Access Panels across Scotland who provide advice and support to disabled people in their local communities.


Access Panels

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Case Studies

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