The Scottish Government, Architecture and Design Scotland and NHS Health Scotland have developed the Place Standard tool to help evaluate the quality of a place. The tool supports collaborative working by providing a framework for structured conversations to occur. This can allow communities and the public and private sectors to work together to achieve sustainable places and reduce health inequalities. The tool can assess places that are well-established, undergoing change, or still being planned. It is free to use and It is accessible to everyone.



The tool is simple and easy to use. It consists of 14 questions that relate to the physical, social, and environmental elements of a place. Participants answer each question on a scale from  1-7.  When all questions have been answered, the results can be shown on a diagram (above). The diagram is easy to understand and is very clear to see which areas are performing well, and where improvements can be made to a place.

Please  visit to access the Place Standard tool and learn more.