What does Inclusive Design mean to you?

“Inclusive Design ensures that everybody is included and nobody is excluded from society”

How inclusive is the built environment in Scotland?

“Many buildings in Scotland were designed and built without disabled people in mind. We now must ensure that all new buildings in Scotland are designed to be fully inclusive. We must also ensure that the environment that surrounds a building is inclusive. A building that is accessible is useless if the built environment that surrounds it is inaccessible”

How does Inclusive Design in Scotland compare with other countries?

“There are just as many examples of both accessible design and inaccessible design overseas as you will find in Scotland. I found Paris public transport to be more accessible than it is in Scotland, whereas transport was very inaccessible in New York, particularly the subway.”

Who has a role in implementing Inclusive Design in Scotland?

“It is important to have all the right people around the table, including planners, developers, architects and members of Scottish Government. Once you have the right people around the table it is vital that they engage with the disability community”

Should legislation (Equality Act) and building regulations (technical handbooks) be changed in order to improve Inclusive Design in Scotland?

“I would get rid of the term ‘reasonable adjustment’ from the Equality Act, and an Equality Impact Assessment should be a requirement during the design process.”

At what point in education should Inclusive Design be taught?

“Inclusive Design should be taught to all architects. I would also like inclusive design to be added to the curriculum.”

Who benefits from Inclusive Design?

“Absolutely everyone in this country and across the globe can benefit from inclusive design”

Do you have any recommendations on how to improve Inclusive Design in Scotland?

“Communication, improved legislation, and online resources such as Inclusive Design Scotland can help improve accessibility and encourage inclusive design in Scotland.”

Do you have any final thoughts on Inclusive Design?

“Two thirds of buildings in Glasgow are inaccessible. More needs to be done in Glasgow and across Scotland to improve the accessibility of the built environment. Inclusive Design ensures that disabled people can live a fully inclusive life.”