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Shared Spaces are continuing to be piloted and rolled out in town centres across the UK.  But how safe are they?

The concept which is originates from Holland, is based on the idea that a lack of obvious rules around priority instils a sense of citizenship and ‘other awareness’. In theory, this does make sense—we are, in today’s society of regulations, control and applied safety measures, less vigilant of potential dangers through our expectation that there is a structure or process which will protect us if we choose to wander off mentally. Shared spaces do not work for everyone, as those with a sight or hearing impairment or learning difficulty may be unable to rely on their senses or thinking processes
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Breaking News! Shared Spaces

Evening Standard Press Release Roads shared by pedestrians, cyclists and drivers ‘cause chaos,’ government report finds “Free-for-all” road share schemes designed to declutter streets by removing pavements and crossings are causing chaos, government ministers have warned. A Conservative peer has argued that the Nordic-style road design, seen on Exhibition Road in London, is putting cyclists and pedestrians at risk. According to The Times, Lord Holmes of Richmond said that at least 14 local councils have scrapped shared space schemes by reintroducing zebra crossings and cycle lanes. His comments come as the Chartered Institution of Highways and Transportation (CIHT) is expected
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